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Hypnotherapist Julian

Julian Carbajo

Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist & Coach

My path began in 2016, when I decided to first train as a Life and Business Coach at the Leading & Coaching Academy accredited by the International Coaching Federation. This experience taught me the importance of respecting the autonomy and fomenting the client´s initiative. I continued my education by a Master of Science in Psychology at a British University to complement my knowledge and acquire a scientific background and understanding. I became a Graduate member of the British Psychological Society, the leading professional body in the UK. During my studies, I came across Strategic Conversational Hypnosis and decided to begin training.

Trained in the internationally recognized Institute Milton H. Erickson Belgium (IMHEB) an accredited institute of excellence in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, I feel very privileged to be able to share my knowledge and my abilities working with clients, aiding them to gain a better quality of life.

Benefits of online hypnotherapy

When you need to stay at home or you don’t have time to travel, the good news is hypnotherapy can be provided online. It’s convenient, easy to access and just as effective as working face to face.

Flexibility in Scheduling

Online sessions can offer more flexible scheduling options, making it easier for individuals to find a time that works for them, especially for those with busy schedules or time zone differences.


Online hypnotherapy allows clients to receive treatment from the comfort of their own homes. This eliminates the need to travel to a physical location, saving time and reducing stress associated with commuting.

Anonymity and Privacy

Some people feel more comfortable discussing personal and sensitive issues in the privacy of their own space. Online hypnotherapy provides a level of anonymity that might be appealing to individuals who are concerned about stigma or privacy.

Safety Concerns

Online hypnotherapy can be a suitable option during times of crisis or when leaving the house might not be feasible due to health concerns or external circumstances.

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Read what my clients say about their online hypnotherapy experience

I can't express enough how much online hypnotherapy has transformed my sleep and, in turn, my overall well-being. For years, I struggled with insomnia, spending countless nights tossing and turning, unable to find a sense of calm. I had tried various methods, from meditation to prescription medications, but nothing seemed to provide a lasting solution. I decided to try hypnosis for sleep with Julian. From the very first session, I was amazed at how quickly I felt a shift in my mindset and sleep patterns. The sleep hypnotherapist guided me into a deep state of relaxation and helped me uncover the underlying thoughts and anxieties that were contributing to my sleepless nights. What truly sets hypnotherapy for sleep apart is its ability to address the root causes of sleep issues, rather than just treating the symptoms. Through visualization exercises and positive suggestion, I learned to rewire my mind for restful sleep. If you're struggling with sleep problems, I highly recommend giving hypnosis to sleep a try. It's been a game-changer for me, and I'm so grateful to have discovered this powerful tool for reclaiming peaceful nights and brighter days; thank you very much Julian.

I was trying to quit smoking several times. The hard thing is to manage the tempting moments. What we did at some online hypnotherapy sessions it was about controlling that feeling and learn how to do the same in real occasions. It worked very well and breaking this habit is just a massive relief. Totally recommend Mind Matters for you Hypnotherapy by Julian for this purpose and with other matters in general.

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