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Hypnotherapy & coaching

About Me

About me: My name is Julian, a highly experienced clinical hypnotherapist and coach. I help my clients getting through their life struggles

About online hypnotherapy services

Mind Matters for you was created to provide effective solutions to individuals around the world seeking to improve their mental and overall health in fast and effective manner.  My therapy focuses on employing a type of Ericksonian hypnotherapy called Strategic Conversational Hypnosis to help clients to address many common psychological challenges. These include stress and anxiety, psychological trauma, fear and phobias but also psychosomatic symptoms such as aches and pains, headaches, upset stomach,  originating from mental or emotional causes.

about Julian

After pursuing a career in International business, I decided to follow a different path that is more aligned with my values and my skills. I really wanted to help people get through their challenges and life struggles. Coming from a business background, I wanted to find a way that is both effective and where results could be quickly observed.

My path began in 2016, when I decided to first train as a Life and Business Coach at the Leading & Coaching Academy accredited by the International Coaching Federation. This experience taught me the importance of respecting the autonomy and fomenting the client´s initiative. I continued my education by a Master of Science in Psychology at a British University to complement my knowledge and acquire a scientific background and understanding. I became a Graduate member of the British Psychological Society, the leading professional body in the UK. During my studies, I came across Strategic Conversational Hypnosis and decided to begin training.

Trained in the internationally recognized Institute Milton H. Erickson Belgium (IMHEB) an accredited institute of excellence in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, I feel very privileged to be able to share my knowledge and my abilities working with clients, aiding them to gain a better quality of life.

Originally from Spain, I have lived in several European countries such as Belgium, UK, Russia, and now Cyprus. I work in English, French, and Spanish but also speak Russian. I offer hypnotherapy online for clients worldwide.

I have helped many clients with different issues and really enjoy my work. I also enjoy giving talks and running workshops with groups and businesses to help them support their employees and members with mental health initiatives to foster well-being at work.